Whether you are a small business trying to stay on top of your legal obligations to a few employees, or a large business trying to maintain productivity and contain costs while managing hundreds of employees, we can help.


When Employers Need


For Union Employers

An employer’s bottom line depends upon it properly managing its employees under a good collective agreement.  The starting point is negotiating a collective agreement that gives you enough flexibility to properly run your business while controlling costs.

The largest part of our legal practice involves conducting collective bargaining on our client’s behalf, and then providing ongoing support with the implementation and administration of that collective agreement.  Effective collective bargaining and collective agreement administration, along with the proper training for front line supervisors and managers will have an enormous impact on productivity, and will usually determine the outcome of any union grievance before it ever gets to arbitration.

Maintaining productivity on the shop floor and containing costs is achieved through proper planning.   While winning a case may put a checkmark in your “victory” column, it also makes its mark in your “expenses” column.  It is not really a victory if the case could have been avoided entirely with better contract language and proper enforcement of the collective agreement.

This is where we can help.

For Non-Union Employers

Employment related legislation and common law obligations to your employees can make managing employees a complicated process.  Most clients come to us for the first time because they are being sued.  They stay with us because once the case has been resolved, we help them to minimize the risk of ever being sued again.

With more than 20 years’ experience in defending employers in the courts and in front of employment related tribunals, we can get you the result you need, but rather than simply defending claims, our clients’ primary focus should always be in anticipating and avoiding employment related legal problems. 

The defence of any employment related claim should already be in place before you ever hear from your ex-employee’s lawyer.   Proper employment contracts, termination planning and severance package construction, along with an understanding of your statutory obligations, will pre-empt most employment related litigation.

This is where we can help.



We provide advice and representation to employers in all manner of employment related legal issues and claims, whether it involves collective bargaining, labour relations, employment law, or a claim brought before an employment related tribunal.


We have provided legal advice and representation to employers in the field of labour relations and employment law for more than 20 years.  We do not practice any other type of law.  We generally represent only private sector employers.


We have offices in Vancouver and Victoria.  We serve employers across British Columbia, and for certain clients, across Western Canada.   We invite you to contact us if we can be of assistance with any of your workplace legal issues.

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