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Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations

(the Oxford dictionary)

Our philosophy

When your lawyer tells you that you have “an interesting case” or that you are “going to make new law”, you might not share their enthusiasm.  Making new law is for government lawyers or special interest groups who have large litigation budgets and are interested in advancing social policy.   Our clients tend to be more interested in running their businesses efficiently and avoiding legal problems to the greatest extent possible.

When litigation is necessary, we have the experience to get our clients the best possible results.  We move aggressively and quickly to try to bring the matter to an early conclusion.   It never makes sense for an employer to spend $100 to solve a $50 problem, and if your lawyer lets the litigation take on a life of its own, that often ends up happening.  

Litigation is an expensive solution for most employment issues.   If there is a better, more practical solution, your lawyer should be finding it for you.

Avoiding employment litigation through proper planning and risk management is almost always preferable, less disruptive, and less expensive. Long term planning assists our clients to identify and manage workplace issues before they become legal problems. Effective collective bargaining and collective agreement administration, along with proper training for front‐line supervisors will often determine the outcome of a grievance before it ever gets to arbitration.

Most of our new clients come to us when they are being sued, have a grievance they can’t handle on their own, or when their collective agreement negotiations are about to go off the rails.  We help them to effectively resolve those problems in a cost effective manner, and then work on ensuring that those problems do not happen again.  Our firm’s own business model is not to advance a “big file” to maximize billings this year and then move on to the next big file, it is to represent the same clients for many years by keeping them out of trouble.    

Litigation when necessary

When litigation is necessary we will move quickly and aggressively to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.  But if there is a better, more practical solution, we will find it for you.

Strategic Planning

Identify workplace issues before they become legal problems.  Avoid workplace disruption and keep legal costs down through proper planning and risk management.   

Long term thinking

Anticipate and plan for future disputes.  Make the necessary operational and contractual changes, and your defence will already be in place before any future complaint or grievance is made.

Who we represent

We represent private sector employers in both union and non-union environments.  Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, but are in particular: food processors, auto dealerships, hotels, theatres and live performance companies, financial and insurance service providers, manufacturers, and technology companies.

We represent clients throughout British Columbia, and have offices in Vancouver and Victoria.   When our clients also have operations in other provinces, we will also provide legal representation in those other provinces.  We have represented our clients in collective bargaining or in court in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Our clients range from relatively small family businesses, to large publicly traded multinational employers.  All of our clients are private sector employers, private non-profit (charitable) organizations, or trade associations.  We do not represent government or public sector organizations.  We generally do not represent employees, but will refer plaintiff employee’s inquiries to other competent employment lawyers. 

Food Processor
Auto Dealerships

Greg Anctil of Anctil Labour Law

Greg Anctil is the lawyer behind the Anctil Labour Law firm.   He has practiced labour relations and employment law exclusively for more than 20 years, and acts for private sector employers in a broad range of labour relations matters, particularly collective bargaining, collective agreement interpretation and administration, and labour arbitrations.

He also advises employers on hiring, employment contracts and policies, and discipline and dismissal issues and regularly represents employers in wrongful dismissal and employment related litigation.

Greg has represented employers before the BC Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, as well as various administrative tribunals, including the BC and Federal Labour Relations Boards, Employment Standards Tribunal, Human Rights Tribunal, and the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal.


University of British Columbia 1989-1992
LLB 1992

University of Calgary 1985-1989
BA in Psychology 1989

Called to the bar of British Columbia 1993

Law Firm Work History

Clark Wilson LLP
1992 – 2002

Charron Favell Anctil LLP

Anctil Labour Law
2016 to present 

Professional Memberships

Law Society of BC

           (since 1992)

Canadian Bar Association

           (since 2007)

American Bar Association

            (since 2016)

Victoria Bar Association

           (since 2003)

Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers

           (since 2009)

Canadian Labour Law Association

           (since 2009)

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources

           (since 1994)
           (Member of BC HRMA’s Vancouver Island Advisory Committee 2003-2006)

BC Food Processors Association

           (since 2009)
           (was the first lawyer admitted to membership in this association)

Charitable Activities

Ch.i.l.d. Foundation

The CH.I.L.D. Foundation (www.child.ca) is a charitable foundation that raises funds for medical research to find a cure for Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and liver disorders in children.    In its 21 years, CHILD has raised more than $27 million to fund its research.

The CH.I.L.D. Foundation was established in 1995 to fund research for children who are stricken with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and liver disorders. It is a federally registered charitable organization which has taken a severely under-funded health issue in children and raised the profile to such an extent that health providers and hospital leaders, as well as the general public, are much more attentive to the needs of these children.

The CH.I.L.D Foundation has built BC’s first research lab on the site of BC Children’s Hospital which now has twenty researchers and investigative staff who are receiving National recognition for their work.

The Canadian Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Network is a Joint Partnership between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (“CIHR”) and CH.I.L.D. Foundation.   This project was initiated by the CHILD Foundation in 2014 to build a Canada-wide collaborative network, which would be the first of its kind in Canada.  It brings together scientific investigators, medical researchers, families and children, all focused in finding a cure for Crohn’s Disease. The efforts of CH.I.L.D. resulted in a $12 million grant from the Government of British Columbia in 2008 to begin the process.

Positions held:

Member of the Snowbirds Fly for CHILD Committee (2006) – brought the RCAF Snowbirds to Oak Bay, BC in August 2006, as part of CHILD’s annual fundraiser with the Snowbirds team.

Member of the Board of Directors (2010 to present)

Current Secretary & Treasurer of the Foundation, and member of the Executive Committee

Current chair of the Financial Advisory and Governance Committees

Quest Outreach Society

The Quest Outreach Society (www.questoutreach.org) was originally a charitable organization devoted to providing meals to homeless people in Vancouver’s downtown east side. In the late 1990’s it grew into food distribution, and is currently British Columbia’s largest not-for-profit food exchange program.

Positions held:

Member of the Board of Directors (1997-1999)

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Greg Anctil
Anctil Labour Law
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